Sunday, December 24, 2006

Movie: Shop Girl (3/5 stars) 2005

Claire Danes, Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman star in this quirky love story.

It isn't just that he like her, she likes someone else story, oh no. It couldn't be that simple.

She likes him, he kinda likes her and so does this other guy.

I have to say, I was expecting something completely different. From the previews I've seen, and this is a while ago, I was fully expecting two guys, one rich and successful and one poor, to be fighting over this girl.

That isn't the movie at all.

The movie is quite slow, and it starts as something quite painful to watch, as Jason Schwartzman's character comes onto the scene and asks Claire Danes's character out. He is out of focus, moving in five directions at once, not getting anywhere. It's like watching slow motion boxing, where you know it's even more painful for the people involved than for those watching.

A solid effort, and the first time that I've seen Steve Martin in a serious roll that I can remember. He was actually believable and I wouldn't have expected it.

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