Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movie: Pacific Rim (1/5 stars) (2013)

Oooo... smelly! If you want big, giant, atomic robots fighting huge, dinosaur-ish monsters that spit acid and produce EMPs, you're getting what you want. If you want any kind of acting, directing or story-line, sorry, don't bother.

I love  as a director. I've enjoyed Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyPan's Labyrinth, and even pieces of Blade II (that does NOT count as a recommendation!). That being said, he  has a few issues and a few misses. This is one of them.

For such a good director, I find that there are all these looks, from the Martial to the pilot, from the pilot to the the ops guy and so on and so on... Looks - you need a "look" to convey meaning and seriousness, or humour or whatever. So awful!

And, just like so many other movies, there are great special effects. Of course - who has bad special effects these days? No one. I noticed that almost all the scenes with the giant robots happened in the rain, so they could show that, yes, we've come far enough to do believable rain falling off giant, metal robots. WE CAN DO IT FUCKAS!

Ug! Hated this movie. Bad, bad, bad. Of course - if you want giant robots, you've got them!

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