Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie: Yes Man (4/5 stars) 2008

Freaking hilarious. I liked this movie from beginning to end and laughed all the way though.

Jim Carrey plays Carl, a "no man" not living his life, sitting around sulking since he got divorced 3 years before. The plot contrives to get Carl to a seminar "Yes - the new No" and his new life begins.

I can't really describe all the funny scenes without giving things away - just enjoy. Well worth your time.

I know some people are saying they don't like Jim Carrey and they won't watch it. It isn't that the movie NEEDED Jim Carrey to be good - he was quite NOT like the Jim Carrey from "Liar Liar" or "Ace Ventura". So, if you don't know if you like Jim Carrey, this would be a gentle introduction.

The worst part about the movie was Rhys Darby's character. Not that I dislike Rhys Darby - he is hilarious, but the entire character seems like a bit of an add-on with little thought to how he integrated into the rest.

Still - well worth watching.


Violet said...

I would never have picked you to be a Carrey fan. Tho I have to admit I found him pretty funny in "Liar Liar" too, even tho I don't often go for physical comedy.

Determinist said...

I don't go to see all of Jim Carrey's movies, although I don't shy away form them. I'm neutral on him. This movie isn't all that much physical comedy, not like his other movies.

Led said...

4 star