Sunday, April 29, 2007

Movie: "Casino Royale" (4/5 Stars) 2006

Best Bond film ever. Nothing silly, no missles being launched from cars, ejection seats, evil genius hideouts and so on. High on action, well executed, fun to watch (often painful looking) - what other Bond films should be.

If you like Bond movies, I don't know if you'll like this, it's significantly different from the last 4 or 5, which were, in my opinion, Hollywood fluff and written by committee.

If you don't like Bond, but like other action movies, then give this a go - it's high octane spy action.

I'm still not crazy for Daniel Craig - he's a good Bond, but has this silly little pout he does - as far as Bond girls - Eva Green is exotic ou la la! I've been a fan since I saw "Kingdom of Heaven".


Andy Chilton said...

I agree - I really liked this Bond.

It was funny that the media in the UK complaining that Bond shouldn't be blonde (not that that should matter) though I think they're eating their words now. Daniel Craig was excellent!

I shall wait for the next one though since I thought Pierce Brosnam brought Bond into the Nineties with Goldeneye, but the rest of his were just badly executed cheesy lines.

Determinist said...

Agree with you Andy. I kind of implied it with my review - the last few Bond movies have been silly and gimicy... it's hard to take them as anything but a mindless action flick, and not a good one at that.